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Score one for righteousness.  A twerking party whose flyer featured the image of Martin Luther King, Jr. photoshopped onto what looks like a rapper’s body has been canceled after the backlash it caused. 

On the flyer in question, MLK’s face is juxtaposed onto the body of man wearing a large gold chain with a gaudy medallion and throwing up what could be a gang sign. The image, and other like it, drew outrage from the likes of MLK’s daughter, Bernice King, who denounced anyone who used her father’s image to promote parties.

Touted as the “Freedom 2 Twerk” party, the festivities were supposed to go down this Friday, January 18 at Flint, Michigan’s Social Network Event Center . However, according to the Smoking Gun, the venue’s owner, Vincent McEwen, got wind of the ridiculous flyer and decided to cancel the party.  McEwen, contacted the promoter, who didn’t think using MLK’s image was a problem, and told him the shindig was off.

Good man.

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