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MGK may be loved and adored in Cleveland but one New York photographer doesn’t seem to be a fan–anymore.

TMZ says Dario Calmese had agreement with the “Wild Boy” rapper’s manager Byron Kirkland to use a picture he took for a limited edition t-shirt to be plastered on the front of a Black Apple line.

Shortly thereafter, the image was being circulated on other t-shirts that were being sold on MGK’s tours and Spencer’s Gifts.

Calmase claims Kirkland is behind the whole scheme and of course he is saying he didn’t see a dime of the money from the alleged knock-offs.

During production, Dario claims Black Apple submitted the photo to MGK’s manager Byron Kirkland for final approval … and everything appeared hunky dory.

The Black Apple tees hit the market without a hitch — but soon after, Dario claims the mug shot photo began to surface on cheap knockoff t-shirts around the web, including at online stores Spencer’s Gifts and Live Nation Worldwide.

Dario wants everyone (except Black Apple) to STOP producing the mug shot tees stat. He’s suing Live Nation, Spencer’s, Byron Kirkland and more … demanding a bunch of money.

If the shirts were being sold outside of licensed vendors, who knows how many were actually purchased by fans who just wished to support the “Lace Up” movement.

A quick persusal to Black Apple’s website says their authorized shirts are actually sold out. With a bit of controversy stirring, they better get those production lines fired up again. You can see them in the following picture gallery.

Photo: TMZ, Black Apple

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