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Richard Sherman was hype. So forgive him when after making a key play to help the Seattle Seahawks to a Super Bowl birth, he talked ish about Michael Crabtree when FOX Sports Erin Andrews asked him to describe the final play.

The result was memes about about Sherman’s response along with plenty of subtle and outright racism directed towards the NFL cornerback.

The memes spotlighted Sherman’s opportune sh*t talking, likening him to WWE wrestlers. They also made note of Crabtree no doubt itching to cause him bodily harm on sight.

The racists came out the woodwork with veiled bigotry (yes, using keywords like “classless” and “thug” is subtle racism in this context) or outright hate (the N-word was flying). Of course, most of those messages were promptly deleted, but the Internets never forgets.

This is what happens in post-racial America, eh? Check out some of the hilarious memes and a couple of example of the way out of pocket racism in the following pages.

Photos: Twitter, FOX Sports

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