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When you’re arguably the hottest rapper on the planet and your home football team has put themselves in a position to go to the Super Bowl, great things can happen.

Such is a life when your name is Macklemore and you’re representing a Seattle city more renown for rock music than rap. During last night’s January 19 NFC Championship halftime show where his Seahawks faced off against the San Francisco 49ers for their eventual 23-17 victory, the crowd’s energy at CenturyLink Field was sparked with a riveting performance of hits from his Grammy-nominated album The Heist with “Thrift Shop” and “Can’t Hold Us.”

With his secret weapon Ryan Lewis in tow sporting the one of the most pimptastic white minks of all-time, Macklemore busted out on the arena’s upper rafter so everyone present could catch a glimpse at the show. Decked out in Seahawks gear himself, Macklemore was alloted the entire halftime spot so he could belt out the songs in full. The opening sequence highlighted Seahawks cadre such as QB Russell Westbrook and head coach Pete Carroll giving him a champion’s intro. Hookmen-for-hire Wanz and Ray Dalton were also on hand to contribute their choruses on “Thrift Shop” and “Can’t Hold Us,” respectively.

The Seahawks were down at the half 3-10 but came back energized to outscore the 49ers by 13 points including a 4th quarter shutout.

Not saying that Macklemore had anything to do with it but no one would be able to deny him the credit if he tried to take it, either. He’s been one of the more humble rap stars in recent memory so the likelihood of that transpiring is next to nil. Richard Sherman should take notes.

Check the gallery for the Seahawks’ pics of the halftime spectacle. Onward to Super Bowl XLVII.

Photo: Seattle Seahawks

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