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If you were expecting your favorite righteous rapper to deliver a hot 16 dedicated to Dr. Martin Luther King’s memory, your luck just may have brown streaks running through it.

As a consolation prize, how about a tribute from Young Thug? Complete with a Meek Mill guest spot? Nah?

Well, you’re getting it anyway.

Kanye’s new favorite rapper doesn’t have the most orthodox methods of honoring the late Civil Rights leader but it could be worse.

For his thuggish perception of Dr. King’s “dream,” the Atlanta hoodlum is spending dead presidents with Benjamin Franklin’s mug at alarming rates, claiming Blood and recalling scandalous tales of threesomes.

On second thought, this is the audio version of the MLK disrespect struggle that was photoshopped on party flyers across the nation.

Standing alongside Young Thug’s ratchet R.E.M. is his Philly breathen Meek Mill who sounds right at home delivering the misguided message and producer Metro Boomin whose thunderous beat deserved much better lyricism.

What is done is done. Listen to Young Thug’s nod to Black History below and share with Nas and Common on Twitter if you please.

Photo: Instagram