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Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford never ceases to amaze us. When the crack smoking fiasco subsided, the public figure did fairly well staying out of headlines the last 40 days or so of 2013, but he comes crawling right back in the new year after a video surfaced of him drunkenly rambling in Jamaican dialect inside of a fast food restaurant.

Yes, you read that right.

Ford let words like “bambaclaat” and “rasclat” fly out of his mouth with no regard in patois while conversing with a group of onlookers. It’s difficult to understand what he’s saying at most points in the conversation, but his hand motions make it clear that he’s passionate about what he’s saying.

In the end, we don’t know what’s more hilarious: Ford’s attempt to mimic a Jamaican accent or the cameraman’s covert shooting.

Relive the moment via a clip of Rob Ford speaking below and find a gallery of memes based on his shenanigans in the gallery on the following pages.

Photo: Instagram

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