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When it comes to creative expressions in the form of lyricism and wordplay, Hip-Hop just may trump all other music genres by a longshot.

Take a rapper like Rick Ross for example. He twisted his own stage persona and tied it into the struggle history of MC Hammer for a record that showed the spiral of balling out of control. Or a starving Kendrick Lamar who, on the song “Michael Jordan,” compared his aspirations to be the top of the game to a young North Carolina boy who felt the same way after being cut from his high school basketball team.

That doesn’t mean rappers can’t get a little silly with the metaphorical rhetoric from time to time.

There are plenty of artists who have trolled us with song titles referencing famous figures only to turn out to be something completely out of the ordinary.

We found 11 songs with misleading celebrity titles and brought them all together for your enjoyment. The sounds and the time stamps are all over the place just like the subject matter.

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