Meanwhile, Macklemore’s apologies for being a successful White rapper in Hip-Hop, and constantly admitting to benefitting from “White privilege” doesn’t change the actual acts itself. If Elvis Presley would have owned up to his part in hi-jacking Black music, that would not have made the reality any different. Or any better for that matter.

In Macklemore’s case,  what it does is raise questions as to how he can even be so passionate about rap music, if all he had to do for a hit single was be a “non-threatening” White guy, as he put it in Rolling Stone.

Perhaps it’s the constant self-shaming that stops some from truly connecting to his music? Or maybe they honestly don’t like it  (which is a topic nobody seems to want to address).

Regardless, apologizing for being White isn’t going to make Hip-Hop as a whole accept him faster, and if it does, he doesn’t needs those kinds of fans.

There’s no shame in winning awards, selling singles, wanting to be accepted by Hip-Hop, and being White.

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