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No matter anyway you try to spin it, the word “hipster” carries a negative connotation. Leave it to Charlamagne And Friends to fully exemplify that stigma in a skit called “Hood Meets Hipster.”

The stereotype goes, if you’re 100% hood certified, you’re uncouth, unruly and uneducated. If you’re a hipster, you’re supposed to be a know-it-all, annoying and über aware of every little detail of the immediate situation at hand. When those two worlds collide, well…struggle.

“HMH’s” scenario begins smooth enough when a round-the-way hood brother stops into his local coffee shop for a morning caffeine fix. The snooty hipster behind the register goes out of his way to let the ninja not only is he out of his element but he has to be very specific when ordering at the Joe house.

Sensing he is being played, the street soldier poses the question, “Let me as you this though: which one got the biggest cup?” to which the hipster replies “That would be the Vente!”

“Then you know what the f**k I’m talking about thing,” the hood fella quickly rebuttals.

And that is why our people can’t have nice things.

Watch the skit in the video below and be sure to catch Charlamagne And Friends every Wednesday at 11:30pm EST on MTV2.