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Prepping the leaders of tomorrow for responsible political awareness in the future is vital for the security of every living man’s rights. The League of Young Voters know this to be all too true and while much of the adult world tuned in to President Obama’s State of the Union address, Phillip Agnew of the Dream Defenders had a few talking points for the kids with his State of the Youth address.


“For the past 4 years, #BarackTalk has been an opportunity for young people to meet online and hold real conversations about our biggest issues, from climate change to gun control,” says Biko Baker, Executive Director of the League of Young Voters. “This year, we wanted to make it clear that the Rising American Electorate is diverse, powerful, and passionate about impacting the world we live in today.”

Phillip Agnew, Executive Director of Dream Defenders, says, “The emerging face of our country has begun to fight for the world we will inherit. Our generation knows that true change is more than words and slogans. We are building towards it at every level and, in 2014, we will show our power at the polls.”

The Dream Defenders were founded shortly after the travesty that was the Trayvon Martin case and in their brief period as a organziation, have spanned all across the state of Florida in an effort of making sure debacles like that never happen again.

Watch the State of the Youth address below which poetically splices references of Kendrick Johnson and Kendrick Lamar in perfect harmony.

Photo: YouTube