HHW: I can’t recall the song title, but it was the fifth record on Free Crack featuring King L. You said something along the lines of how “you want to keep the peace,” but it’s hard. Is that where your head would be if you had it your way?

Lil Bibby: Yeah man. I’m trying to get this money man. These guys… a lot of these guys don’t have nothing to do but start something. I’ve been trying to keep peace, but these guys out here, they just want you… they can’t let you man.

HHW: On a rap front, as an artist, what are some things you need to work on?

Lil Bibby: I got to work on my show, like my stage show. Just my stage show, and like, talking to people a little bit more. I don’t really like talking to people like that.

HHW: Understanable. From an artist standpoint, where do you see yourself going as you move into the game? Are you getting more on the personal side? You putting on for your city?

Lil Bibby: It’s bigger than my city, man. But yeah, I’mma get a little bit more personal man. I’ll tell a little bit more about Bibby probably on the album or something. What Jeezy say? “I’m trying to be bigger than Jay Z!” [laughs]

HHW: So back to Chicago. There’s a lot going on in your city. Are you open to working with artists like Chance The Rapper, Alex Wiley, etc.?

Lil Bibby: Yeah. I was trying to get Chance on the tape, but he was on tour so he was little busy. Me and Chance might do some stuff in the future. He cool.

HHW: That would be dope. How about other rappers? Who inspires Bibby?

Lil Bibby: I like Drake. I like [Rick] Ross. I like Young Jeezy. I listen to the old Gucci Mane — he don’t really inspire me like that, but I like Gucci. Uhh, Future and that’s about it

HHW: I’m kind of surprised that your list only had newer rappers. With your style, I would have thought Jadakiss and folks like that would make the cut.

Lil Bibby: Yeah, Kiss… that’s one of my favorite rappers

HHW: You’ve been to a lot more cities since you’ve started rapping. What has that done for you material?

Lil Bibby: I got a little bit more to talk about. But I don’t know, I’m kind of losing my street — you know man? I feel like I’m losing it a little bit man. I ain’t been in the streets like I be.

HHW: But your homies are still in it. You don’t think that gives you more validity than most?

Lil Bibby: I’m still in it man, but I don’t be around like that man. I feel like I’m a little distant to it.

HHW: Well, you said you were trying to get to the money. Are you trying to keep it on a level where’s you’re trying to balance street life and the music industry or are you trying to separate yourself from it?

Lil Bibby: I’m trying to get M’s (millions) man. Man, somebody got to do it.

HHW: I assume that you’re going to put Lil Herb and your crew on, too. Is that in the agenda?

Lil Bibby: Yea, them my boys.

HHW: Last question. What’s Lil Bibby working on now?

Lil Bibby: I’m working on a remix to the “Whole Crew” joint off the project and I’m trying to put together something with the “Water” joint. On the “Whole Crew” joint, I don’t know who gon’ get on there, but I’ve been talking to T.I., Juicy J.

I’ve been hitting Drake and telling him to get on there, but that’s one guy I don’t know about, man. He might do it or he might not. He hasn’t hit me back about that yet. I don’t want to sweat him. But I think Juicy gon’ be on there for sure and T.I. might be on there.

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