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Super Bowl XLVIII or Super Bowl 2014, is a wrap, and thanks to the 43-8 ass whooping the Seattle Seahawks gave the Denver Broncos, it was anti-climactic at best. Of course, the pricey Super Bowl commercials were part of the viewing experience, and they managed to be a bit more entertaining. 

While the spots from companies like Esurance and GoDaddy were kind of “meh,” the blockbuster hopefuls like Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Transformers: Age Of Extinction delivered. Another commercial that certainly got the people going was for the 24 film. Jack Bauer is back, so now is the time to catch up via Netflix to get up to speed.

As far as the Hip-Hop front, we spotted Kid N’ Play in the Radio Shack commercial, which gets extra points for including Hulk Hogan. Also, Beats By Dre has a hefty advertising budgets.

Check out the best Super Bowl 2014 commercials in the following pages.

Photo: YouTube

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