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Super Bowl XLVIII may have been a largely a one-sided affair, due in part to the victorious Seattle Seahawks making small work of the Denver Broncos. After the game, however, a man decided to make the postgame news conference his place to speak on 9/11 theories during MVP Malcolm Smith‘s presser.

Matthew Mills, 30, is an independent journalist from Brooklyn. Using an expired media badge and fooling the high-level security expected at big game like the Super Bowl, Mills was able to get past the throng of reporters and others to grab the microphone from Smith at the news conference to utter his now infamous words.

“Investigate 9/11. 9/11 was perpetrated by people within our own government,” Mills said before he was whisked off by security. Smith looked dumbfounded when it happened, but not before asking if the media in attendance were fine.

Mills was arrested for trespassing without a struggle, and released on his own recognizance later. Although Mills said he worked for media organization We Are Change, the group referred to him as a former intern for the group in a tweet referencing the incident.

Mills’ act was seen live by many, with quick recordings of the clip going viral in minutes.

Hit the jump to see Matthew Mills deliver a brief 9/11 conspiracy rant at the Super Bowl XLVIII postgame conference.


Photo: YouTube

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