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Dr. Bernice King, the daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., went to war with buffoonery involving her father’s imagery and twerk club flyers this past MLK holiday, but it appears that it is her immediate family who are striving for the biggest shenanigans.

Martin Luther King III and Dexter King filed a complaint against their sister in the Fulton County Superior Court after she hid their father’s Nobel Peace Prize medal and the family bible which President Obama used to swear in with during his second inauguration.

They both are in charge of their father’s estate and are looking to sell the items to a private buyer.

Reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

The suit seeks to have the items turned over to Martin King III, who is the chairman of the estate’s board.

In a statement issued Tuesday morning, Bernice King said that last month, her brothers informed her that they wanted to sell the items, which she opposes.

“While I love my brothers dearly, this latest decision by them is extremely troubling. Not only am I appalled and utterly ashamed, I am frankly disappointed that they would even entertain the thought of selling these precious items. It reveals a desperation beyond comprehension,” Bernice King said. “Our Father MUST be turning in his grave.”

Sibling squabbles are always ugly in public but this scenario is reaching toxic levels of struggle.

Check the gallery for pics of the items the King brothers wish to pawn off in exchange for cold, hard cash.

Photo: Newsbusters, Fox5

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