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Former NFL running back and confessed pothead Ricky Williams is in the news for voicing his educated opinion on the league’s stance on player’s smoking marijuana.

TMZ recently caught up with the Heisman Trophy winner, and while his professional career with constantly marred with his drug testing fiascos, he believes the NFL is just putting on a show for the media and weed opponents.

“I don’t think the NFL really cares about whether or not players use marijuana,” Williams said to the Thirty Mile Zone.

Although the bias in Williams is beyond obvious, it is a sentiment that was also recently echoed by veteran free safety Ryan Clark.

The longtime Pittsburgh Steeler appeared on ESPN’s First Take, basically dry snitching on his comrades stating, “I know guys on my team who smoke. And it’s not a situation where you think, ‘Oh, these are guys trying to be cool.’ These are guys who want to do it recreationally.”

His appearance on the show was stemming from comments recently made by New York Jets wide receive Antonio Cromartie, who believed the league was wasting their time and money by drug testing for Mary Jane’s presence.

“They’re fighting a losing battle. The testing isn’t stringent,” Clark continued. “There is one random test during OTAs and minicamps during the offseason, and everybody will be tested early in training camp. After that, there are no more tests. So guys understand the ways to get around failing a drug test.”

Do you feel the NFL needs to lay off testing for marijuana or nah? Let us here your personal opinions in the comments and on Twitter.

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