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California has very strict cell phone laws when motorists are operating a vehicle and The Game being a staunch Golden State flag bearer in every rap that he writes, probably knows this.

Regardless, the cops didn’t give the 34-year-old rapper the preferential treatment when it came to allegedly busting him driving while talking it up, but Game, real name Jayceon Taylor, insists he was targeted for a completely different reason.

He was a Black man driving in a fancy car.

A Rolls Royce to be exact. One that he no longer has in his possession since the car was impounded by a police officer who said he had expired tags on the brand new beauty.

Reports TMZ:

Game tells TMZ, police pulled him over for talking on his cellphone … but he insists he wasn’t. Game says he was ordered out of the car and police searched it without permission.

Game says officers were blunt … if he didn’t let them search the car, they’d arrest him.

According to the rapper, once all was said and done — and the officers came up empty — they cited him for expired tags and impounded the Rolls.

Our cop sources insist it had nothing to do with race — claiming Game WAS a cell phone scofflaw … and the search was a matter of protocol before impounding the car.

Unfortunately the struggle of Game involuntarily parting ways with cars isn’t nothing new. In 2011, his new Corvette was repossessed after he spent many moons in Europe and fell behind on the payments.

Hit the flip for the pic of Game looking ocean salty as he’s left on the curb. Watch the “Let’s Ride” video on YouTube to remember the good times.

Photo: TMZ

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