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As was the case with Michael Jordan and Jay Z, the announcement of retirement from the game has come to fall on deaf ears.

The drop of Emeritus was supposed to be the swan song and the final curtain call for rapper Scarface, but even his statement of stepping out of the game had to be retracted as he is returning and already preparing his next album.

Making quick rounds, Face has already tapped into talents such as John Legend for his upcoming release, which has yet to be titled and without a scheduled date to drop.

During an interview with HipHopDX, producer Mike Dean chopped it up and gave an update on where Scarface is at with the next project.

“It’s sounding good. We just scored a feature from John Legend on there. I hooked him up with John, making Shyte happen. I don’t know what’s up with the album or a release date or anything, we’re just working on a few songs right now. For the last few albums, I haven’t had much on his albums because we haven’t been in the studio together. He’ll do music somewhere else and bring it to me.”

It was only 2008 when the rapper said he was going to hang up the microphone and that Face was officially dead.  He was adding that he was looking to give back and start producing for other rappers.

Well, it seems that no matter how long you take yourself out the game, the game never leaves you.  The professor is back to school these rappers once again.

Face is back.