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De La Soul did right by their fans on this Valentine’s Day by sharing (most of) their entire catalog via their website. Also included in the batch of tunes was photos from their upcoming book.

If you were early to the part of the download, you might have been greeted by a message saying the Dropbox link was down. All seems to be well and you can proceed to download all of the Long Island trio’s albums as planned. You get all of their LPs—minus The Grind Date, unfortunately. But they did include a set of “Remixes, Instrumentals, and Rarities,” to make up for it, though.

As for the photos, they feature storyboards for the “Me, Myself & I” video, vintages ads and photos of the group. There are also the handwritten lyrics sheets to “Plug Tunin'” from 3 Feet High and Rising and “Oodles Of Os” from De La Soul Is Dead that should make you realize you were jacking up those words for years.

Check out the flicks in the gallery.

Photos: De La Soul

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