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Hip-Hop’s infatuation with the bad guy has touched and piereced the soul of St. Louis rapper Tef Poe to no end. So much in fact, his new LP Cheer For the Villain takes on the heel role in its duration.

In other words, it embodies the angst and aggression that seperates Hip-Hop from its neighboring genres.

If you’re expecting happy-go-lucky rap tunes that spread “turn-up” cheer on every record, seek elsewhere. Tef Poe spent the past few weeks likening his new project to famous antangoists such as Heath Ledger’s “Joker,” Hannibal Lecter and Verbal Kint to name a few, to outline the seriousness of the project.

The album is scored exclusively by DJ Burn One (A$AP Rocky, Yelawolf) and mixes murky guitar licks with brooding drum patterns to give the album its dark feel. It also features guest appearances from GLC, Black Spade, David Ruffin Theory co-star Rockwell Knuckles and singers Theresa Payne and Mai Lee.

Cheer For the Villain is available for a guilt-free headphone experience below and only $10 on Tef’s Bandcamp if you look to put money in the defendant’s collection plate.

Photo: Instagram/Tef Poe