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Following his legendary “Ether” diss in 2001, Nas went on to war with several well-known Hip-Hop aficionados in the New York State for various reasons.

While he has since made up with the likes of Jay Z, N.O.R.E and Funkmaster Flex, one particular rapster who missed the reconciliation meeting was Cam’ron.

During a 2002 interview on Hot 97, Nas got a little flagrant and professed his love for Killa while calling his album Come Home with Me straight up “wack.”

Cam’ron been trill before he was making Andrew Jackson money from street vasectomies and he and the Dips launched a full onslaught that spiraled on for a few years.

The two rap kings haven’t sparred in some time but they weren’t exactly chummy either. Feelings change like the seasons however, and the two crossed paths today (Feb. 17).

But like grown men, there was no was living in the past. Nas is still championing the phrase “life as good” as his Illmatic documentary will kick off the Tribeca Film Festival with a bang.

Cam’ron, who is in at Agenda Las Vegas, was still wearing his MDR hat from the event and posted the pic with his trademark caption, “#QB #HARLEM #UwasntThere.”

One keen Instagram user tygah pointed out “That Spanish n***a in the middle was there” but we get the gist of it.

Hip-Hop wins peacefully yet again. Grab the pic for your wallpaper on the flip. Now how about a collabo?

Photo: Instagram/Mr. Cam’ron

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