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Yet another journalist is using their terrible experience with a rapper to patch together a newsworthy blurb.

Rick Ross was recently accused of cutting his interview short over “tough questions” but Danny Brown took his aura of arrogance to an higher exponent when he landed in London and crushed the dreams of journalist Gaby Whitehill who, above the fact she was doing her job, was a diehard fan of the Detroit MC.

The long flight from the United States to Europe would undoubtedly have any human being needing some considerable time to regain their composure but Whitehill’s interview was scheduled at his hotel shortly after Brown got into town for shows at Rough Trade and Koko.

During the brief but grueling interview which may have felt like an eternity to Whitehill, the writer describes being ridiculed, mortified, given the one-word answer treatment and left the hotel feeling nauseated, compelled to delete all Danny Brown mp3’s from her hard drive.

Via Gigwise:

Danny Brown is staring at me with unabashed disgust and contempt. It’s rather intimidating, it’s somewhat confusing, as we’ve literally just met – and it’s pretty upsetting, as this is an artist I respect and admire greatly.

Casting a disdainful eye on me, he replies: “Rapping. They can expect to see me rap.” He then lazily rolls his head towards his smirking manager, who lolls on the bed throughout the whole sorry affair, scanning the room service menu. “What does she expect me to say?” he sneers. He directs his gaze towards me again, and suddenly yelps: “Do you want me to say take loads of Molly? Wear kneepads?”. He laughs emptily, shaking his head.

Brown complained about being tired, and having to stay in hotel rooms day after day. I have no doubt it’s an exhausting job, with an unrelentless and punishing schedule. But it’s his job. He’s a musician, and a successful one at that, with a large and devoted fanbase. He’s flying all over the world, playing shows every night to adoring fans, staying in luxurious hotels. Yes, perhaps the last thing he should have done when he landed was talk to the press. Maybe he should have made that wish clear to his management team.

Brown is known for his unfiltered candor but he even showed he had a heart when he came back down to reality a day later. When word of the interview (from several displeased readers at that) appeared on his radar, he took to his Twitter account to post: “Deeply apologize to Gabby for being a dick yesterday … I feel terrible about that and I have no excuses just admitting when I’m wrong.”

He has since began to follow Whitehill on Twitter and she accepted his apology all the same. Check out pics of their Twitter exchange in the gallery.

Photo: Twitter/Danny Brown/Gaby Whitehill, Instagram/Danny Brown

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