Jermaine Dupri has been a living, breathing example of the “mo money, mo problems” slogan for some time now and it doesn’t seem like he can relinquish the title anytime soon.

It is being reported that Eddie Weathers, his former business partner over at Dieniahmar Music LLC, is suing him for a flat fee of one million bucks after Dupri (real name Jermaine Mauldin) allegedly cut him out of receiving royalty payments.

Struggle via Radar Online:

Weathers says he and Dupri — real name Jermaine Mauldin — created the company together in 2005 and “the name of the company was derived from the birth names of Weathers’ and Mauldin’s children Eddie Jr., Shaniah and Kamar.”

But in 2006 Dupri entered into a co-publishing deal with EMI Music and Weathers says he told them “he was the sole owner in Dieniahmar when in fact he was not.”

The court papers state that all royalties paid by EMI went directly to Dupri and his business manager between the years of 2006 and 2013.

Weathers claims that when Dupri hired a new business manager in 2011, Willie Carter, his payments ceased, or came late, or were just a fraction of what he was owed.

And when Dupri told Weathers he planned to sell Dieniahmar Music to EMI in April 2013, he claims he was promised a $238,000 cut — which he never got.

Dupri is going through a similar situation as the plaintiff with a personal banker-turned-swindler that could jeopardize his rights to the So So Def catalog.

Dupri is currently managing longtime friend and collaborator Mariah Carey.

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