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The impressive beards of NBA star James Harden and MLB standout Brian Wilson has inspired others to grow massive amounts of facial hair. Among the sub-segment of folks known as hipsters in New York, many are spending thousands of dollars to achieve the bearded look by way of facial hair transplants.

DNA Info reported on the rise of facial hair surgeries because of the big beard craze, interviewing one facial plastic surgeon who performs a number of these procedures in his offices in New York and Miami. Another doctor was also interviewed, who has found the hipster haven of Brooklyn to provide her with clients looking to fluff out their beards.

From DNA Info:

Whether they’re filling in a few gaps or doing a complete beard construction, New York City doctors who specialize in the procedure said they’re seeing a growing number of men paying as much as $7,000 to pump up their beards.

“Whether you are talking about the Brooklyn hipster or the advertising executive, the look is definitely to have a bit of facial hair,” said Dr. Jeffrey Epstein, a facial plastic surgeon who has performed the procedure for 12 years.

Dr. Yael Halaas echoes Dr. Epstein’s comments on why folks are coming in for the surgery, saying that the trendier sections of Brooklyn gain her four to five patients per year looking to get the facial hair transplant.

How the surgery works is hair is removed from the head, roots and all, in an eight-hour surgery under anesthesia. The surgery, similar to other hair transplants, will grow just like normal hair after the transplanted hair falls out.

It isn’t just hipsters looking to get the surgery as Hasidic Jews, individuals undergoing sex change operations and others also benefit from the surgery.

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