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There are simps, and then there are elite level simps with stalker tendencies. Florida’s Kirk Trim is the latter considering he was arrested for calling his girlfriend 145 times in just 11 hours. 

Reports the Pompano Beach Post:

After Kirk Trim called his ex-girlfriend more than 100 times, a Boca Raton Police officer answered the phone, but that still didn’t stop him from making threats and continuing to call, according to an arrest report.

“I am not scared of the cops, I will give you my address,” he told the officer.

Trim, 36, of Pompano Beach, faces charges of aggravated stalking. He bailed out of the Palm Beach County Jail on Saturday. The ex-girlfriend has a restraining order against him since November, according to the report.

Besides the 145 calls to his ex’s phones, he also called her numerous times at her job.

Did he send any texts, too?

Check out Trim’s full mugshot (he was arrested and released on bail on Saturday, February 22) on the flip. The struggle on his face says it all.

Photo: Boca Raton PD

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