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In a climate where artists often feel attacked by the media for one reason or another, it’s rare that a rapper, singer, producer or the like are unguarded during interviews. Hit-Boy, however, gave that access to The STASHED while discussing seemingly everything under the sun during a recent interview.

The California native has steadily progressed, as he’s crafted hit after hit in recent years. The latest is Drake’s party starter “Trophies,” a tune sonically distinct because of heavy horns and thumping drums that was supposed to appear on Nothing Was The Same. As we know, things didn’t go quite as planned in that regard.

“Frustration is an understatement,” Hit-Boy replied when asked about the song being in limbo for a bit. “But it’s all love. I got respect for Drake. He knows what’s best for him, and he’s been dictating his career since day one. So I’m not going to come in and be like ‘you got to use this song!’ You know what I’m saying? He had ‘Worst Behavior’ and some other joints that was smacking and now it’s time for ‘Trophies’ to tear these n***as apart!”

And that “Trophies” will do, as it’s now an official single on Young Money’s upcoming Rise of an Empire LP. Hear Hit-Boy speak more in-depth in the full interview below.

Photo: YouTube