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Darren Sharper spent the night in jail in Los Angeles yesterday (Feb. 27) after he turned himself in after an eighth rape accusation. The former star NFL safety was accused of raping two women in New Orleans and was already out on bail for two other such accusations in Los Angeles.

Reports the Los Angeles Times:

The former New Orleans Saints player surrendered at his attorney’s office to LAPD detectives. Police said he is being detained on the fugitive warrant from New Orleans.

In addition to Sharper, detectives and investigators with the Orleans Parish district attorney’s office obtained an arrest warrant for 26-year-old Eric Nunez, described as an acquaintance of the former football player.

Sharper is now accused of raping at least eight women and committing sexual battery against a woman in Miami.

New Orleans police had previously said they were investigating at least one rape allegation against Sharper.

Sharper is also being investigated for sexual assaults in  Las Vegas and Tempe, Ariz.

We believe in innocent until proven guilty as much as the next man or woman. But Darren Sharper has some serious explaining to do.