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Kim Kardashian was the target of a tasteless joke while attending a gala in Austria on Thursday (February 27). The beau of Kanye West was greeted at the lavish Vienna Opera Ball by an Austrian comedian who wore a blackface get-up in a so-called humorous attempt to appear as the famed Chicago rapper and producer.

Kardashian was at the affair as the high-priced date of Austrian businessman Richard Lugner, who reportedly shelled out a whopping $500, 000 for the reality star’s appearance. TMZ broke news of the incident last evening, this after Austrian comedian Chris Stephan approached Kardashian and Lugner as they were taking photos pretending to be West.

TMZ also reports that a short time later, a man asked Kardashian for a dance and said if they played “N**gas In Vienna” that he would he dance with her.

Stephan has since taken to Facebook to apologize, although in a somewhat mocking tone. The comedian, who identified himself as Arab, claims he isn’t a racist although he seemingly bragged about bypassing security and getting into the exclusive event for free.

TMZ has more:

The weirdo who came up to Kim Kardashian in blackface at the Vienna Opera Ball — pretending to be Kanye West — now claims the entire encounter was a misunderstanding … insisting he’s NOT a racist … and didn’t mean to offend her.

Chris Stephan — a stand-up comedian in Austria — just posted the apology on his Facebook, saying he’s “incredibly sorry” things unfolded the way they did. He says he’s of Arab descent himself, and never intended to be racist.

As we reported, Kim stormed out of the fancy pants ball yesterday after Stephan came up to her in black face make-up, acting like Kanye.

Lugner was reportedly pushy with Kardashian, said to be acting in an aggressive and familiar manner. Lugner also was said to have complained about Kardashian, saying that “Kim is annoying” as reported by someone who overheard. Lugner is known in Austria for shelling out lots of money to have women appear as his date at events such as this.

The whole thing was caught on tape says reports, as Kardashian was taping for her reality series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Reps for Kardashian have not responded to press requests thus far. Peep the video below for the “N**gas In Vienna” struggle line.

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