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At this point, we can’t imagine how many unreleased tracks Gucci Mane has sitting in the vault. He takes listeners to the bando on his latest audible treat, “Trap Numbers.”

It’s hard to tell whether this is truly a new song or not, as it sounds a lot like a cut that could have appeared on any of his mixtapes circa 2009. “I spent a half a million dollars in a week/ Everyday I’m taking models out to eat,” Big Guwop rhymes with no shame. That’s light work to someone who boasts that his alleged hustle is bringing in major bank.

If anything’s apparent, it’s that you can take Gucci out the trap, but you can’t take the trap out of Gucci. That’s probably why the Atlanta rapper has so many legal troubles these days, but that hasn’t stopped him from rolling out new material. Stream “Trap Numbers” below and give us your thoughts on the song in the comments.

Photo: Travis Wade/