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Criminally slept-on rapper Shirt had dug a considerable hole for himself by picking unGoogleable key words to associate himself with. (He was formally known as T-Shirt; his new album is named RAP.) So the Queens native did what any self-respecting rapper would do when backed into the wall: he created a fake New York Times article, complete with a forged Jon Caramanica ensignia.

The move earned him a new host of critics and critiques alike, but still helped increased his visibility in the bottomless pit of rappers trying to break through the Internet’s proverbial glass ceiling.

His next look comes at the popular camera lens of the crew over at Funny or Die which have allowed Shirt to give viewers looking for a Hip-Hop chuckle a glimpse at his artistic profile.

The obvious satirical clip features Shirt bragging profusely with the video’s subtitles cutting through the BS like Complex did his Times coverage.

Still, his pump fake got him to this point so it’s up to the true-school MC to follow through from this point on.

Check out the humorous video right beneath this post. If your interest is somewhat piqued, check out Shirt’s new long player, RAP here.