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The state of Louisiana must have sparked a chain reaction in the prison system following Lil Boosie’s release.

At least, that appears to be the case as 64-year-old Glenn Ford has just been freed from the maximum security prison that he has called home since 1988. He was wrongfully convicted in 1984 for killing 56-year-old Isadore Rozeman, a Shreveport jeweler and watchmaker, who was a frequent employer of Ford.

Reports WAFB:

A judge ordered Ford be set free after the Caddo Parish District Attorney’s office filed a motion to vacate his conviction for the 1983 murder of Isadore Rozeman, a jeweler in Shreveport. The prosecution citing recently obtained credible evidence that proves Ford was neither present, nor took part in Rozeman’s murder.

“Words can’t really express it but it’s a wonderful day and we’ve been working on this for decades literally so we hope that it will be the first day for Glenn to start a new life,” said Ford’s Attorney Gary Clements.

For its part Rozeman’s family says the news of Ford’s overturned conviction brings back painful memories. Rozeman’s nephew Dr. Phillip Rozeman is optimistic the prosecution’s credible evidence will soon lead to another arrest.

“We are very pleased to see Glenn Ford finally exonerated, and we are particularly grateful that the prosecution and the court moved ahead so decisively to set Mr. Ford free,” said a statement from Gary Clements and Aaron Novod, the attorneys for Ford from the Capital Post Conviction Project of Louisiana.

When asked if he felt some kind of way about seeing 30 years of his life wasted behind prison bars, Ford honestly answered, “Yeah, because I was locked up almost 30 years for something I didn’t do. It’s resentment, not feeling bitter.”

Naturally it will take a bit of time before Ford is transitioned back into the real world but his first act of civility to “get something to eat” seems like a step in the right direction.

Hopefully it’s a million dollar steak. According to the news report, the state of Louisiana pays $25K for each year a wrongfully convicted inmate spends in prison, with a cap of $250K plus $80K for “lost of life opportunities.”

Check out the pics of Mr. Ford’s first day out in the gallery.

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