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“Imma even the score and help to shine some light/ He appears as a man, ni**as the anti-Christ.”

When a group that was once criticized for being called Triple Six Mafia looks to take a few jabs at Jay-Z in relation to religion, there could be a potential problem.

Yung D, a former member of Three Six Mafia, looks to bring himself back into relevancy by attacking the throne and throwing some shots at Jigga and the claims of him being affiliated with the Illuminati.

Who knew that people were still talking about this?

Whatever the case may be, Yung D apparently took some words personal when Jay stated that he didn’t believe in Christians or Muslims and only believes in one God.

[Check after the jump for the diss record at Jay-Z]

Well, in the hopes for a quick 15 minutes, more like seconds, of fame, the rapper looks to lyrically air out Jigga and set him straight on the Lord.

Chances are if people didn’t know Yung D before, they probably still won’t know after the fact.  Nice try though.