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St. Louis rapper Nelly is planning a comeback and hopefully intends to take the driver’s seat again in leading Hip-Hop music.

Nelly is geared to release his sixth studio album and has further plans to have the project released by November. While in Vegas, two cuts from the album, “1,000 Stacks” and “Angel Eyes” had been performed by the rapper. So far an artist that he could potentially work with is Janet Jackson. Although the title is unknown, fans should expect to hear a new refreshing sound from the rapper.

In an era where album sales continue to dwindle and downloading continues to escalate, Nelly will have to come hard to capture fans once again.

After releasing the rather lackluster and soft tap album that was Brass Knuckles, the artist that once made hits such as “Ride With Me”, “E.I.”, “Air Force Ones” and “Dilemmas” has quite a dark tunnel to traverse if he ever wants to see the light that shined when he was on top of the Hip-Hop scene. One can blame it on album delays, but who can say that they really rocked with “Party People”?

Along with an upcoming solo disc, Nelly has also been in the studio with his group prepping a sophomore album to Free City which was released in 2001. Now that member City Spud has been released from prison it would only make sense for the upcoming rumored title to be City Free.

Most recently, the group has had to cope with the death of a friend that they tried to pull out of the streets. Ortega “Tega” Henderson died May 16 due to bullet wounds suffered from a shooting.

Back in February, the rapper had plans to launch a new variety show called “Nelly’s Night in Vegas.” The program would focus on him performing a variety of antics. The show was set to have Dave Broome as the executive producer as well as “The Daily Show” co-creator Madeleine Smithberg. Think of it as a Jay Leno for the younger generation.

He has also continued to broaden his retail business. To add on to his clothing lines, Vokal and Apple Bottoms, Nelly has partnered with Romane Fragrances in order to launch an Apple Bottoms women’s fragrance that should be hitting shelves in fall.

Let’s just hope that Nelly can make a strong comeback. Maybe if he names the next one Desert Eagle, it will leave more of an impact than Brass Knuckles tried to.