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It’s most likely that Tha Carter V will be Lil Wayne’s last album–until the next one drops but for now, Tunechi is adamant that he’s retiring from solo releases unless he’s paid a copious amount of “young moola.” Baby.

If he was seeking co-signatures amongst his adoring public, the megastar rapper had better not log into his Twitter account anytime soon. The Hip-Hop fans and such greeted his f**k you, pay me” retirement announcement with welcome, disrespect and ether-drenched slander.

Weezy is far from a conscious or positive rapper; a series of attributes he openly admits to but his announcement had the Twitmosphere calling out in to their Most High in jubilation that #5 would be the end of an era. Sadly, even the innocent bystander in the recently released Young Money LP, Rise of an Empire caught plenty of shade from various commenters and it hasn’t even been on shelves a week for haters to give it a proper listen.

As for the struggle-laden pic found above, it’s a behind-the-scenes look at Wayne’s forthcoming video for “Senile.” The record can be found on the aforementioned YM album, not saying that would make any of the pundits in the gallery find a f*ck to give all the same.

Tha Carter V allegedly is arriving the first week of May but thumb through the slideshow to see people who can’t wait for that date to be over and done with. It gets pretty brutal.

Photo: Twitter, Instagram/Mack Maine

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