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Comic duo Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, collectively known as Key & Peele, have become fan favorites with their hit Comedy Central show of the same name. Now entering its fourth season with even more episodes ordered, the pair scored a big media win by covering Time magazine.

Key & Peele‘s brand of sketch comedy may not be quite as edgy as the still-beloved Chapelle’s Show, yet the duo spare very few the wrath of their comedic ax. In the Time magazine profile, Key & Peele write in detail about their process and how they approach comedy in a world that continually draws lines around what is funny or not.

From Time:

Sure, sometimes at Key & Peele, we swim in the shallow waters of pratfalls, airplane observations and simple old-school punnery. But what we strive for–and what we think more people should strive for–is deeper: to make fun of everything.

It can be scary. We don’t want to lose our audience. Can we make them laugh at a sketch about slavery? Terrorism? The Holocaust?

Key & Peele pride themselves on taking on racial stereotypes, pop culture and relationships and much more on their program. They argue in the Time piece if excluding groups from being poked fun is in some ways damning in the end.

Key & Peele returns to Comedy Central this fall with 22 full episodes ordered. The Time issue is on stands now.

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Photo: TIME

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