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A few weeks ago, rapper 50 Cent ran into his former business partner Steve Stoute at Madison Square Garden. By the looks of a photo that ignited viral reaction by the masses, the encounter wasn’t anything friendly.

What words were exactly exchanged between the two? In a recent sit-down with MTV RapFix, 50 discloses, in a few choice words, his call for an apology from Stoute.

“You know what I said? I said, ‘That wasn’t really nice of you, Steve, to say what you said. It wasn’t really nice and I think you should apologize.'” A joking 50 then laughs and admits he might have worded the latter a little differently.

Later in the conversation, 50 delves into his history with the business mogul and how fickle business and inadequate communication resulted in their falling out. Not to mention, Stoute urged 50 not to sign with “the white boy,” when the two crossed paths in Los Angeles at the time prior to 50 inking the deal with Eminem.

“Look, don’t do the deal with the white boy. Look, don’t do it. Your sh*t is serious,” explained Fif to MTV on what Stoute said. “At the time, Eminem was doing [Purple Pills] so he’s thinking it’s a joke, it’s jokey-joke.”

50, after all, did the deal with the white boy and the rest is history. Watch the interview in its entirety in the clip below. Leave your thoughts after the jump.

Photos: WENN