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Gaining respect and displaying crossover potential in the realm of comedy isn’t easy to say, let alone do. Very few art forms are as subjective as making audiences laugh and variables such as age, gender and undoubtedly race all play a factor in being a successful comedian. (White people say Seinfeld is the best TV show of all-time; Black folks will tell you it’s Martin.)

So when Time magazine was extremely progressive with their cover space and allowed comedy duo Key & Peele to grace their cover, we did the silent fist bump while simultaneously scratching our heads. The Comedy Central duo splice numerous genres into their comedy skits and have made leeway breaking through the mainstream barrier. But with all due respect, there is no way in Hades they should have gotten a cover before the numerous Black comedians we came up for this list.

While wholesome legends such as Bill Cosby have been covered by Time, we found 17 equally worthy comedians of color who haven’t shared the national attention the storied magazine’s front page brings.

Proceed on through the gallery and try and count how many real tears these Time magazine snubs have made you shed on account of their jokes.

Photo: WENN/Jody Cortes

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