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“Nas was like somebody I always listened to his raps and didn’t understand how he did it.  I always wanted to understand how he painted those pictures.”

As was the case with most people of the next generation, adolescent minds weren’t able to fully absorb and comprehend albums such as Illmatic and Reasonable Doubt.

For rapper Drake, the same mentality existed for him, but now older, the young sensation looks to use what he’s learned from rappers before him in the creative process of Thank Me Later.

Speaking with ImFlashy, the rapper spoke on studying the past works of artists such as Nas and Andre 3K before even starting his debut project to ensure that he was able to establish that lyrical dominance and be able to present the vivid imagery like those before him had done.

In a genre where the new school only looks at the older generation as grumpy old men that can’t stay afloat in the new generation of rap, it’s good to know that some of these young thundercats have the knowledge and know the importance of the golden era and how much has been paved for today’s artists.