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Those holding their breath for a stay on the execution of convicted killer Ray Jasper may have tempted the same fate that recently befell on the once aspiring rapper.

Jasper was put to death for his admitted role in the 1998 murder of David Alejandro, a music studio owner who was killed for the equipment in his possession.

Although Jasper confessed that he did the unsolicited throat surgery across Alejandro’s neck, he insisted that it was fellow accomplices–both whom are not on death row–that conducted the fatal stabbings.

Not that the little details matter now. Jasper was put to death by lethal injection yesterday, March 20.

Reports The Grio:

Ray Jasper was injected with a lethal dose of pentobarbital Wednesday for the November 1998 stabbing death of 33-year-old David Alejandro.

Jasper had acknowledged he slit Alejandro’s throat to steal equipment from the San Antonio studio. But he insisted a partner was responsible for Alejandro’s fatal stab wounds.

Jasper’s execution was the third in Texas this year. Another is set for next week before the state begins using a new batch of pentobarbital obtained through a different pharmacy.

The injection came after lawyers for Jasper, who was black, argued a black potential juror at Jasper’s San Antonio trial in 2000 was questioned and disqualified improperly because of race.

According to the Huffington Post, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice tracked down a new supplier of the aforementioned drug pentobarbital so they can carry out their necessary evil deeds of capital punishment.

There are five more executions scheduled for the year, including one next week.


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