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Welp, last night (March 20) we found out who got clapped on Scandal. No huge surprise, but sad none the less. [SPOILERS AHEAD]

White House press secretary James Novak is dead. Jake Ballard killed him, because killing people is what the B316 army does best.

U.S. Attorney David Rosen — watched the whole thing go down. It scared him straight, and he now realizes that he doesn’t want to piss off B 316. This means he’s going to have to lie about a few things, like the fact that Jake killed James (some random criminal dude took the fall so he can get a liver transplant in prison).

Meanwhile, James is the kinda-secret-but-not-so-secret husband of Cyrus Bean. They have a weird relationship, Cyrus usually sets James up to fail just to teach him to mind his business. It never works. They fight. They cry. They drink. And now, James is no longer around to upset. The loss has Cyrus in shock so he keeps working until he breaks down in front of the press. It’s not the best timing, but who are we to judge?

Find out all the other highlights below.

Photos: Instagram/ Twitter/ ABC

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