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This week’s edition of the The Wrap Up: Hip-Hop Wired’s Top 10 Videos Of The Week just happens to fall on Good Friday 2014 so you can expect nothing less than a great batch of visuals.

Given the fact that all man are prone to being less than angelic, you can also anticipate numerous cardinal sins to pollinate the videos as well. When there are relationships set without the boundary of proper marital paperwork, expect one side to be envious when those unions drift apart, which is present in a couple of videos in this week’s countdown. The commandment “thou shall not steal” is hammered into everyone before preschool even begins, but as you’ll see here, a couple who robs together, mobs forever.

And hey, the wrath of a female scorned will singe the skin harder than hellfire. Everybody is well aware of this but still like to test the temperature of the flames at their own risk. Maybe if they could find away to channel their “riotous” energy like an established group also present on the list, we wouldn’t have this issue. That wishful thinking is a longshot, however.

Check out the best visuals the middle of April had to offer…go!

Photo: YouTube

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