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“I’m not gay, how would I have sex with Nicki Minaj.”

The media is quick to jump on drama and create any type of controversy that can come from it.

When a video appeared of a woman, that was allegedly rapper Nicki Minaj before she hit the mainstream, talking about her sexual relationship with Remy Ma, many believed that Ms. Remy engaged in the accusations.

Since then, Minaj has denied the claims that she was the woman in the footage.

Calling Jenny Boom Boom and DJ Craig G from Hot 93.7, Martin, who is doing an 8-year bid was able to finally address the situation.

“That video came out years ago.  I was home when it first surfaced and I don’t know who that is.  The crazy thing with me is that it’s been out for so long and I’m still waiting for somebody to like type in, like on the computer, like I know here, she lives next door to me…I don’t even know what the logic was behind that.”

In regards to Minaj, the jailed rapper states that she is happy for her success and only wishes that she was back out recording so she could give Barbie some competition.

“I’m happy for her.  I rather her than any of these chicks that are put under a rock falling back out.  I’m actually happy for her.  I like Nicki, minus the gay stuff.”

The rapper was also able to speak on Papoose, working on her appeal and Fat Joe.

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