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Hip-Hop Wired recently caught up with Naughty By Nature and chopped it up about Tiger Woods and the golfer totally ignoring the instructions on how to creep on the classic “O.P.P.”  Treach stated,

“It was in his catalog one time or another.  He knows about it but it wasn’t our fault.  We didn’t tell him to do it.  No. no, no (laughs).  But we supporting him though because we see how they do. 

That type of situation is between him and his family.  They ain’t gonna beat him on the golf course so they got to beat him somewhere else.  We gotta support our own.”

[Peep the video after the jump as Naughty explains the plays Tiger missed from their tutorial “O.P.P.”] [More]

Vin Rock also chimed in on the sloppiness of the situation that led to Tiger getting busted.

“Well Tiger grew up on the golf course so he hasn’t been in the hood on general population.  So he probably a lil rusty with the street cred but I’m sure after this he’ll tighten it all up.”

Still making his apologetic rounds, Cheetah Woods extended his sorries to the parents of the children who attend the same daycare as his daughter.  The parents had to endure the hoopla and paparazzi surrounding his scandal.  He stated,

“We hope that the paparazzi will find something better to do with their time in the near future.”

Naughty By Nature is also in the lab gearing up their next project “Anthem Inc,” dropping later this summer.

Peep the exclusive Hip-Hop Wired footage with Naughty as well as the classic “O.P.P.”

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