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A 33-year-old NYC man who was found brutally murdered inside a trash bag last week may have been killed for the age-old violation of the street code known as “snitching.”

News outlets this past Monday, March 24 prematurely reported that former NBA basketball player Quinton Ross was found decomposing in a shallow grave. Clarity later surfaced to find that it was actually Quynton Ross, a photographer from Jamaica, Queens.

When Ross didn’t come home that Sunday night, his mother used the “Find My iPhone” app to trace his phone and it when it came up on a boardwalk she notified police. After his body was discovered, police did some digging and found that a YouTube rap video contain vital information for breaking the case wide open.

Via DNA Info:

The execution-style murder of a photographer whose body was found in a trash bag in the Rockaways may have been revenge for “snitching” on three men who robbed him several years ago, DNAinfo New York has learned.

Law enforcement sources say Quynton Ross, 33, the father of a 4-year-old daughter, was the target of an ominous YouTube video that denounced him as a “snitch” and graphically depicted the street justice he should face for putting a trio of home invaders in state prison.

The video begins with a knock on the door of what is described as Ross’ home.

With rap music thumping in the background, the video presents a poster-like photo of Ross, with the words “Big Time Snitch” on it along with a Free Dictionary explanation that a “deponent is someone who gives evidence or acts as a witness.”

The video then shows someone flipping through pages of the 2011 indictment against the three suspects, accompanied by the muffled voice of an ominous narrator who says Ross “used to be their homeboy.”

A year earlier, Ross was robbed of cash, a watch, diamonds, earrings and his iPod inside his own home along with another man. Four months later, he and the other victim cooperated with authorities to help track down the armed robbers after they continued to pull heists in the nearby areas.

Somewhere in the list of Biggie’s popular song “Ten Crack Commandants,” consequences of snitching is eerily detailed similar to the instances in this murder.

Nonetheless, it is still a tragic story. Check the gallery for pics of Ross and his unfortunate final resting place.

Photo: Facebook/Quynton Ross, CBS 2

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