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Krayzie Bone must be an avid watcher of Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader because he’s the developed a harebrained scheme that just may work.

After a Girl Scout rocked the nation for posting up outside a San Francisco marijuana dispensary in February, the Bone Thugs loyalist is letting a fan-gifted vending machine inspire his next business venture.

Via TMZ:

Krayzie Bone may have concocted the smartest business plan of all time — sell munchies to stoners WHILE THEY BUY WEED.

The Bone Thugs-n-Harmony rapper says a fan gifted him a personalized vending machine … and it inspired him.

Krayzie says he’s in talks to put the machines in a few L.A. stores — including weed dispensaries.

He’s really serious about it. He’s already ordered more vending machines for the launch.

Of course the machines will be filled with stoner favorites — Funyuns, Pop Tarts, Twinkies.

Foe tha love of money.

Check out the picture of the first edition of many Thug Mentality treat hubs in conjuction with Candyman Vending Machines. Think it will play it “Buddha Lovaz” or nah?

Photo: Instagram/Krayzie Bone/Mikel Cole, Facebook/Candyman Vending Machines

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