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Comedian Hannibal Buress is enjoying the benefits of a steadily growing profile and is recognized as one of the premier funnymen of his era. In a chat with actor and fellow jokester Seth Rogen, Buress breaks down the process of telling jokes, shares thoughts on Hip-Hop music and much more.

Rogen donned his interviewer cap for New York Magazine’s Vulture site, using his friendship with Buress to get him to open up about a variety of issues. Fresh off the Comedy Central debut of his latest stand-up TV special, Hannibal Buress Live From Chicago, which premiered this weekend, Buress’ interview went much like his understated comedy routine.

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Rogen: What were your first jokes about? Did your subject matter evolve? I did stand-up when I was younger and I remember, like, I would try out observational humor and then I’d try out the angry guy.

Buress: Yeah. I did different versions of what I do now. I did a lot of college-based humor. I talked a lot about music. What was that weird joke? I think one of my first jokes — in the black community, there’s people who have jokes about skin tone. People like, “You so black, you purple.” “You so black, you gotta smile so we can see you at night.” There’s one, “People call you an African Booty Scratcher.” Like, what the f-ck is that?

Buress and Rogen also discuss the usefulness of skits on rap albums, with Rogen praising Wu-Tang Clan but blasting Dr. Dre’s The Chronic for its lewdness. Buress also talks about directing Chance The Rapper‘s “Na Na” video.

The Chicago native will be starring in a summer comedy, Neighbors, and a Comedy Central pilot show Unemployable. He also has a role in Comedy Central’s Broad City.

Check out more of Hannibal Buress on his website.

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