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One of the biggest job qualifications for being a rapper is they have to be proficient in talking sh*t. Another good quality to possess is the ability to be able to actually deny that they are doing so.

YG recently stirred up a bit of controversy and managed to avoid drama at the same time after the Internets caught wind of his freestyle that was seemingly aimed at Problem and Tyga. The Compton native, whose My Krazy Life album recently edged the top spot of the Billboard charts, was adamant about he didn’t actually name drop any actual persons but the writings appeared to be on the wall regardless.

Rapper sneak diss records are an oft-used wild card within the culture that usually bring the best out of MCs. Given Hip-Hop’s high testosterone-fueled arena, it is a sly way to bait opposing challengers into responding, thus creating a beef which, as we know all too well, is great for selling records.

Check out the list we compiled of 12 songs that either lured a competitor out to battle, were ignored and fell flat on their face or still remain engimas to this day.

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