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What exactly is going on with Mike WiLL Made It and Miley Cyrus? We have little concrete details, but cryptic tweets suggest something potentially malevolent occurred between her and the Hip-Hop producer.

We do know that the Pop singer was recently hospitalized on Tuesday night (April 15), following a severe allergic reaction. Shortly afterward, Miley’s music video/tour director Diane Martel tweeted some pretty slanderous words about Miley’s musical friend, Mike WiLL Made It.

“Mike WiLL Made It is disgusting,” first sent out Martel before following up with another tweet that read, “Disgusting = Murderous.” Miley wasted little time before she retweeted the words herself.

Disgusting? Murderous? Such obscure phrasing can lead us to think Mike WiLL Made It had something to do with Miley’s hospitalization, but we’re only reading between the lines. And since we don’t know what her “allergic reaction” is, we can’t really speculate without further evidence. Hopefully, we’re simply letting our imagination run wild.


We wanted answers, we’ve got answers. Hours later, Mike WiLL Made It debunked swirling rumors about a “murderous” situation by publishing one simple tweet. See what he had to say on the last page of the gallery.

Photos: Terry Richardson, Twitter/Instagram

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