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On Wednesday (April 16), 50 Cent made a guest appearance on Hot 97’s morning show. Apart from discussing his upcoming Summer Jam performance and the state of New York City Hip-Hop, the Queens rapper had some interesting things to say about Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks.

In his no-holds-barred chat with “Old Man” Ebro Darden, Cipha Sounds and Laura Stylez, 50 called Yayo and Banks Troy Ave’s hypemen. To add insult to injury, 50 went on to compare the former G-Unit members to rotten milk. “Some people, they’re like milk,” explained 50. “They have an expiration date and no matter what you do, they’ll spoil after a while.”

50 ceased to bite his tongue when he implied Yayo’s success happened on the coattails of his predecessor. “I’ve done a lot for him to the point that being personable with people they’ll feel like that homeboy code, guy code type of energy. They’ll be like, ‘You know what? You got it so you should give it to me,’ versus what makes sense. If you don’t sustain your value in the marketplace, I got to pay you the market rate.”

Yayo took to his Twitter account to offer his rebuttal, which was removed immediately afterward. Luckily, a screenshot was captured beforehand.

Catch what 50 Cent had to say about G-Unit and more in the videos on the following pages. Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Do you think 50 is out of line?

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