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If you’re looking for Dizzy Wright these days, you can catch him puffing a blunt while overseeing the employees at his very own car wash. Where as most business owners have stringent rules that prohibit their workers from actually have fun on the job, the Funk Volume all-star is actually very liberal with his staff’s dress code and break privileges.

And did we mention he’s all about equal opportunity in the workplace? He employs nothing but the most capable females in the industry to wax and buff with precision.

All this and more can be learned from the talented scribe’s new video “Everywhere I Go,” straight from his latest project State of Mind EP.

Although the accompanying visual for the energy-packed hit is obvious bait for booty watchers and Bangin Candy aficionados, it still stands as a resident in the best of both world with lyrics that ask valuable questions for potential fans and customers alike. “What more you want?/You want a one hit wonder or an artist that got more than one?/You need to make up your mind/Cuz I’m constantly taking my time…” he spits at the track’s apex. And from the quality of the EP’s contents, he tells no lies, either.

In the meantime, Dizzy has to get back to “supervising.” Check out the video below and see how hard is job truly is.

Photo: YouTube