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Have twerk videos returned as a proper trend? Following Amber Rose’s 15-second caboose shaking session, we saw a few notables attempt to recreate the moment, but at the top of crop is this new clip posted by Nicki Minaj.

The YMCMB Barbie’s Instagram page, a hub for all things her, was her means of sharing the brief visual. Though Nicki’s motions were more of a gyrate than straight twerking, the Internets seemed not to care and swiftly reacted to the gift they’d just received. In fact, the beautiful sight make folks quickly forget that an unreleased song was playing in the background.

Nicki went on record to say that isn’t her, but rather a friend, but given the amount of times we’ve seen her, um, assets, the Internets weren’t buying it.

Nicki is no stranger to setting thirst traps via social networks, so this should come as no surprise. Below, you’ll find both videos. Hit the following pages to see some hilarious Twitter reactions. Let us know if you think it’s Nicki Minaj in the comments.

Photo: Instagram

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